“Accelerating the Tucker Decomposition with Compressed Sparse Tensors” — Shaden Smith et al., 2017

Paper: [Link]

Code: Will be in SPLATT


  • sparse tensors
  • TTMc in CSF format on multi-core CPU architecture (no Tucker decomposition result shown)
  • Get 20.7x speedup while mostly using less memory (up to 28.5x)
  • Fig. 7: good analysis for time and memory!


  • Similar with SPLATT, decrease the time complexity along with tree levels.
  • The intermediate memory is limited to a single row of Y(n).
  • Parallelized by distributing the I1 (first mode) trees to threads.
  • Present synchronization using mutexes for write conflicts when updating any modes other than the first one.
  • Using multiple CSF representations
  • Heuristically sorting mode order, assume K CSF representations can be stored,
    • For X1, sort the modes by their lengths, with the shortest mode placed at the top level.
    • The remaining K−1 representations are selected in a greedy fashion: at step k, use (4) to examine the costs associated with TTMc for each mode when provided with X 1, . . . , X k−1. The mode with the highest cost is placed at the top level of Xk, and the remaining modes are sorted by increasing length.
    • At the end of this procedure, each mode has the choice of K representations to use for TTMc computation. We assign each mode to the representation with the lowest cost, and use that representation for TTMc.
    • Importantly, if ties are broken in a consistent manner, then it happens in practice that several modes can be assigned to the same X k , meaning that fewer than K representations need be kept in memory for computation.

Useful References:


  • Nell-2, Enron [FROSTT]
  • Netflix (not public), Alzheimer (From Muthu Baskaran)
  • Synthetic: Possion3D, Possion4D

Platform & Software:

  • Intel Haswell E5-2680v3
  • OpenMP
  • Intel compiler with Intel MKL

Comparison Software:

  • HyperTensor: HT-FLAT, HT-BTREE



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